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Things might look a bit messy for a day or two while the delightful and attractive Gisele is in the process of putting up my shiny new layout. ADVANCE WARNING: it’s going to blow your mind all over your shirt.

Sometimes working in a hospital is really good for your perspective. I like getting to see freshly baked babies when I go for coffee, all scrunched up in their oversized hats with their teeny tiny fingernails and their fuzzy, fuddled newborn bewilderment. But sometimes, like just now, I go for lunch and have to pass families waiting outside the ICU; today, two little girls clinging to their mother while they waited for the world to unravel. The expressions on those faces stick with you. Something horrible happened to someone today — it’s startling and awful to walk into like that, but it’s an excellent wake-up call. Life — and our lives — are knitted up in such a fragile web, and we spend so much time worrying about things that don’t matter at the expense of enjoying the things that do. Crazy.

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  1. omgggg so exciting! loving the look of the layout so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    your realisation for the day is kind of amazing. xo


  2. It's going to be hotsauce!

    It's unnerving, tootling about at work and finding yourself in the middle of people who are so obviously devastated they're past even being able to cry. But it's also a good kick in the pants. We are all so very lucky! It's all so precarious! Not in a freaking out way, but in a 'wow, I want to call my mum, and maybe stop caring quite so much about the calorie content of my lunch' way.


  3. i completely agree. i'm so lame, i feel that way after watching hospital dramas or documentaries. i'm all like “mummy!” lol.


  4. hey, look. our heads are bent kinda the same way in our pics! also, replying to your email today good woman!


  5. giselle, you've done it again my dear! katie, can i name the bird? i dub thee pippin the bird! ๐Ÿ™‚ i'm on a sugar rush i just wolfed down a whole packet of jellytots lol.


  6. PIPPIN THE TWITTER BIRD! YES! Omg I'm deliriously tired, but I had to stay up to see this amazingness unfold. Time to go and die somewhere.


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