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Jake Green was my favourite greasy boyfriend until John Mitchell.


So, all day on Monday I look forward to going to yoga after work — and I want you guys to understand that I’m GENUINELY EXCITED about it. I’m HANGING OUT for yoga. I LIKE yoga. I’m gonna get bendy and stretchy, and eat a healthy dinner that will provide enough leftovers to save me lunch money, and I’m gonna work on the A-story for After, and then I’m gonna go to bed and sleep the sleep of the satisfied and nutritionally sound.

And then it gets to be 5:30 and my brain is like, ‘you know what would be WAY better than all that stuff? Eating a McChicken while watching Jericho IN YOUR PAJAMAS.’

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Writer of things. Annoyer of cats. Mother of very small dragons.

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  1. god, i LOVE yoga too. i look forward to omg graduating so i have more time to go to classes because there is something that makes me feel so justified in eating maccy d's hash browns and then getting bendy which, i don't know. rocks the universe a little.


  2. i understand this. my vice is the new burger king chicken royale with cheese. i can't imagine anything i'd rather cradle more in both hands on a train station at midnight (except maybe jared leto's bottom).


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