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I THINK it is my favourite pal and confidante Kelly’s birthday today! I only think so because everyone I fucking know is born in March, and SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE ME A GODDAMN CALENDAR OF EVENTS, OKAY?! But I’m pretty sure it’s today.


Kelly is wonderful. This is a fact that can be looked up in any respected publication of facts, but you could also just take my word for it. She’s awesome and always cheerful and inspiring, and she tells me all her secrets, which makes her the bestest. She’s also gonna be a kick-ass event manager soon, and we go on awesome adventures with her awesome boyfriend, who puts up with the fact that our budget means we always have to share a room. And he drives the car when we don’t want to. BUT this isn’t about him! We’re speaking of his fine-ass lady-friend: the incomparable, irrepressible, un-put-downable owner of a thirty before thirty list that I largely get to piggyback. YAY KELLY!


It’s embarrassing how much I love mummy blogs. When I’m reading blogs that aren’t intended as mummy blogs but are written by women who happen to have children, like She Just Walks Around With It or Mighty Girl — or even folks like Laini Taylor, whose writing advice and anecdotes I consume like an alcoholic at an open bar — I’m not afraid to admit I’ll skip to whatever their baby-related tag is and devour every entry. I’m honestly not sure how weird this is. Internets?


Donna read Sparks yesterday. She’s the first person (not living in my head) to read it and, honestly, her as-it-happens email feedback felt a little bit like letting someone root around in the dirty underwear drawer OF MY MIND. It’s a STRANGE feeling, to see someone else’s perspective on this tangled monster of a thing that’s eaten the last year of my life.

But on the up, none of her feedback so far has been a surprise, which means that the things I thought weren’t working are really the things not working. Which makes me very happy, because at least I’m not totally crazy.

She also laughed at my favourite line, which validates, like, my whole existence.

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    Thanks Katie bo batie, you are pretty awesome yourself.

    I complained to Daniel this morning because he wasn't telling me enough sekrits, and it was my birthday, so he HAD TO. But he reckons he doesn't have any. I told him I'd break up with him and he still couldn't come up with any sekrit thoughts or feelings. USELESS.

    In other news I have chocolate cake and dessert wine to consume tonight OH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, it's even sweeter than Riesling!


  2. glad you got some helpful feedback on it! you picked a good person for feedback jsyk.

    alsooo i be MIA the next week or so on account of Cobra starship tourrrrrr and 7 meet and greets whoops. how does this keep happening, I don't know. also, personal emails from said lead singer and requests for booze, my life, my life, my life. taking writing book and going to do actual writing on this trip! (read: procrastination instead of writing). xoxooxoxo


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