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Oh my golly, how great is Chuck this year? I have a feeling the internet disagrees with me, but the internet is only in it for the kissing, so what would they know! Nothing, that’s what — mostly because I don’t ship anyone on that show except Ellie and Awesome. But I SHIP THEM SO FREAKING HARD. SO. FREAKING. HARD. I cried at their wedding. No lie.

How pretty is Sarah Lancaster? So, so pretty.

BUT! Until this season, I wasn’t terribly invested in the REST of the show. I love Casey mostly because he used to be Jayne, and he beat the tar out of Angel that one time. A++! Level up! Jeffster amuse me greatly, and I used to have a crush on Zachary Levi when he was the hot one on that show with Sara Rue. But the show itself often felt like it wasn’t going anywhere in particular. They were pretty happy to move through the same paces every week — Chuck falls over! Casey is angry! Morgan has a beard! — and I, at least, never felt like there were any particular stakes, as there never seemed any particular RISK to either the missions or Chuck’s cover.

But lately… oh boy!

Upgrading the intersect to give Chuck the physical as well as the intellectual was the best idea EVER. Exposing Chuck’s double life to Awesome and Morgan was the second best! And BRANDON ROUTH, YOU GUYS! I suspect the internet is holding a serious grudge against Brandon Routh for being all wicked freaking cool and stealing Sarah away from Chuck, but internet, your rage is sadly misdirected! Brandon Routh + hot blonde secret agent = A VERY BIG NUMBER. Sarah + Chuck = sorry, what, I fell asleep again. YAWN. WAKE ME UP WHEN SOMEONE PUNCHES SOMEONE IN THE HEAD.

The show used to do a lot of TALKING about what it might mean to Chuck’s adorable Chuckness if he became a “real” spy, but I never FELT it until now. I confess this week I was ALL AQUIVER WITH TENSION, wondering if Chuck was actually going to pass his red test. I really thought he might do it! I really thought the consequences of him really doing it could be so really freaking intense.

… Of course, he didn’t do it. That would be too far. But last year I would have taken a nap during that episode, knowing he’d NEVER have to do it.

And Sarah thinks he did it! That could lead to some interesting drama! Or just some more damp-eyed, sad-panda emoting. Man, I’m so opposed to Chuck/Sarah. Nothing against Sarah — she’s kick-ass and awesome and smoking hot, all qualities I like and respect in a fictional woman, but I want Chuck to move on so badly I was even backing his relationship with LANA LANG.

LANA LANG, WORLD. That’s desperation.

Chuck has opened up its world so much this year, and it’s just EXPLODING WITH AWESOME (please, don’t explode Awesome!) because of it.

Awesome. So awesome.

Supernatural could take a lesson.

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  1. OH.MY.GOD (I had to spell it out, cos OMG didn't do it justice), HOW have we not talked about this!?!?! I've tried to convince Daniel that Chuck is awesome this season but he's having none of it, and I have no one to talk to about my thoughts and feelings!!

    I had a few tears in my eye over the last episode, TEARS. What is Casey going to do????

    God, we need to stop talking about the American health reform and capitalism and the environment and start talking some serious shizz about our fav tv programs.


  2. PS I would turn gay for Ellie. I really want to hate her, cos she's smoking and caring and has Awesome as a boyfriend, but if I can't BE her, then I may as well be WITH her, right? Right.


  3. I want to grow up to be Ellie so freaking bad.

    Also, yes, I need to stop debating my intellectual thinky THORTS with you in private and only sharing my vapid capslocking over TV in public. I think about more than my boyfriends, really! (So, soooo untrue. All I am thinking about right now is how INSANELY HOT Damon was on TVD tonight. SWOON. HE CAN SUCK MY BLOOD AT HIS LEISURE.)


  4. Ok so I just realised that I was actually an episode behind, and now the whole red test references make SO much more sense!

    Is it lame that I'm commenting on your blog at 9:20pm on a Friday night? Ah, who cares.


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