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You, me and TV.


I love to recommend stuff to people. You may have noticed by now, loyal reader, that I get VERY EXCITED by new TV shows (and consequently new TV boyfriends), and that I do so at a rate that makes me pretty shallow, if not outright slutty. I also read a lot of books and listen to a lot of music, and I’ll enthusiastically and hyperbolically recommend any and all of these to anyone who’ll listen.

But very few people do.

You see, reader, my friends don’t tend to trust me. They nod their heads and make agreeable noises as I rant about my love for Joel McHale’s receding hairline or books about teenage vampires, but their eyes are glazing over and they’re checking Facebook on their phones, and if they DO check out the stuff I tell them to, it will be six months later after independent confirmation that it’s actually good. I used to think maybe this was because I love Hanson and Vampire Diaries with the same furious passion as Arcade Fire and Breaking Bad. But recently I’ve realised that it’s because I love everything, period.

With a total and unabashed lack of discretion, I will adore anything put in front of my face, provided it has characters who feel emotions to whom stuff happens. I feel pretty much what TV and books tell me to feel, when and how they tell me to feel it — the only difference is that mostly I feel it way, WAY more than anyone else I know, and they get kind of weirded out by my enthusiasm.

This week, I am in passionate, dribbly love with Community and everything relating to it. I want to be besties with Dan Harmon. I’m shipping Annie/Jeff so hard I’m tempted to go join a fandom. And I want Joel McHale to be my boyfriend, despite the fact that I’ve roundly disliked him in everything else I’ve ever seen him in. And when I think about it, my only defence is: a) I didn’t know he was 6’4’’, and b) THIS SHOW IS THE BEST SHOW EVER.

Other shows I have openly told people were THE BEST SHOW EVER recently: Breaking Bad. Vampire Dairies. Deadwood. Justified. Sons of Anarchy. Party Down. The Pacific. Cougar Town. Being Human. BSG. Dexter. Chuck. Friday Night Lights.

In other words, everything I’ve been watching. And I stand by my rating for all of them.

Especially Party Down. And Justified.

And all the others.


I’m better with books, because I’m naturally more critical of them. They’re what I do, so I can’t read them with objectivity anymore. It sucks, because it means I can’t be swallowed up by them the way I could be as a kid, but I can also be way more rational about grading on a scale. I watch TV with the needle stuck on red. THERE’S PEOPLE HAVING FEELINGS! EVENTS ARE TRANSPIRING! THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

But seriously folks, go watch Community. It’s the best show ever.

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  1. I claim props for Cougar Town. I tried to convince you and you didn't believe me, and then you fell in love with it too.

    So that's one to me and like a million to you.

    Thank you for Supernatural, and Dexter, and Chuck, and Party Down, and Community, and all the other deliciousness.


  2. You were 100% correct that Cougar Town is grade A awesome — although this very post does establish that, as Scott likes to tell me, I would watch shit through a dirty sock. So my opinion probably doesn't really mean much. BUT I STAND BY IT!


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