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Kelly and Daniel and I spent last weekend with my brother and his girlfriend up in Northland. It looked like this outside:

But we had their bunny Murray to keep us entertained.

He is extra adorable. He likes to eat his poo and then lick your face.

I like to let him. It’s SO CUTE, you guys!

My brother celebrated his 27th birthday while we were up there. What’s cooler to a 27-year-old than Batman?

Batman in night vision.

 Um, Hayley. Don’t look now, but…

We went to the local lion park, known throughout New Zealand for sex scandals, financial crisis, and that time a tiger ate his trainer.

This is Zion. You may know him as the face of Aslan.

But then this happened:

I love the tongue action.

Little girl: Daddy, what are the lions doing?
Daddy: They’re wrestling, honey. Gentle wrestling.

Daniel grew rakish facial hair, which made him look at least old enough to drive.

And Kelly was like, “I’d hit that.”

“Oh wait, I AM hitting that. BOOM!”

Outside still looked like this:

So we bused it down to Auckland to meet up with my friend Alison and pay Jared Leto a visit. And drink way, WAY too much wine.

I forgot to take photos (Kelly and I were occupied being the weird old people who still throw horns and ask kids to sit down), but here is the progression of texts I sent Alison during the show:

— Never been to something so much like a Hanson concert that isn’t one. The kids are losing their minds up here.
— Dude, I already threw my bra. It’s on.
— [On the band calling for requests] Sweet! Tell him I want to hear him finish a sentence.

Because there’s crowd participation, and then there’s enforced karaoke.

Also, kids better stay off my lawn.


And, for good measure, here’s a few pics from the weekend I spent in Akaroa last month.



Photos of me, white tigers and rakish facial hair were taken by Kelly.

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  1. Yay Murray! Yay lions and tigers (and lots of beers)! Yay my rakish boyfriend! He's shaved it off though 😦

    What I'm trying to say is YAY ADVENTURES!


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