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Shit my bag says


There’s a meme (I hate that word. Hate it like brussel sprouts!) going around at the moment in which you itemise the contents of your handbag. I love this, because I am supremely nosy and derive great joy from the minutiae of other people’s lives. Also, I bought a new handbag last night, so I figured that I may as well participate since I had to take everything out of mine anyway.

In my bag:

  • 1 notebook.
  • 1 tin of mints (clicky lid > eating of mints).
  • 1 pair sunglasses and 1 pair actual glasses.
  • 1 reusable bag.
  • World’s oldest cellphone — it doesn’t even take pictures! What it does do, however, is make calls. And refuse to ever break. Sucks to be me.
  • 1 point-and-click camera, stored in old sock (see above re: crap phone).
  • World’s oldest iPod.
  • Black knit hat (useful for both rain and impromptu burglary).
  • Work ID and swipe card.
  • 2 Strepsils, 2 Nurofen, 3 Werthers.
  • 1 bunch keys with stuffed pukeko.
  • 4 assorted lip balm/gloss/sticks.
  • Hand cream and nail file.
  • 7 old receipts.
  • 1 wallet.
  • 2 sets of post-it flags.
  • 1 mechanical pencil (no lead).
  • 1 eraser for the mechanical pencil with no lead.
  • 4 highlighters.
  • 10 pens (assorted colours).

Obviously, all of these things are ENTIRELY NECESSARY. Especially the FIFTEEN different writing implements.

In my wallet:

  • Assorted bank, store and loyalty cards.
  • 3 out-of-date business cards (interestingly, zero current business cards).
  • A ticket to Wicked for January 2009 — in London.
  • A ticket to Hanson for September 2008 — in Seattle.
  • 70 cents and an American dime.
  • A bobby pin.
  • An underground ticket.
  • A subway ticket for an unknown city.
  • 11 different coffee cards.
  • A passport photo (just in case?).
  • A ticket to the Hospital ball (which was last Friday — but I designed the tickets, which makes it okay).

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  1. You know how I changed your mind about corned beef? Well, I'm going to change your mind about brussel sprouts too, cos they can be SUPER DELICIOUS – just you wait and see!


  2. Kelly I just don't think there's anything you can do for brussel sprouts, unless you can make them taste like something other than brussel sprouts… which wouldn't count.

    Also goddd how hard would it be for blogger to put in threaded comments? Sometimes I miss Livejournal :\


  3. agree on the threaded comments thing 😦

    still, had to overcome the fear of speaking to the interwebs publicly at some point, right? lol


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