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Five good things


I’m going to make another list today, because otherwise I will whine. And nobody likes a whiner. I’m tired, you guys, and my abs hurt, and I’m eating a carrot. A CARROT. If I let myself go, I will whine about how I have a cold that never goes away and I haven’t really slept in a year and a half and my skirt is sticking to my tights and I’m getting old, or SOFT, or something, because I can’t seem to write death and destruction while eating anymore and YOU GUYS, IF I CAN’T WRITE AT LUNCH AND DINNER I AM GOING TO HAVE TO SLEEP EVEN LESS. I DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR EVEN LESS SLEEP. Also my hair is SO FUCKING FLAT AND SHINY I WANT TO DIE.



I know, right? I know people who actively seek flat and shiny hair, and although I don’t understand them, I don’t want to upset them. Let’s not do this.

So here is a list. OF GOOD THINGS.


Who’s seen the pilot of Terriers? IT’S SO GOOD. It has the kind of clever, throwaway dialogue that I absolutely love — Hank asks Britt for a thousand dollars early in the episode, because he’s reading an upscale home-furnishings catalogue and thinks he needs new towels. “You want to be a drier person?” asks Britt, half-listening, and Hank replies, “I think maybe”. JUST. DELIGHTFUL. — and it has TIM MINEAR on the writing staff (Angel/Firefly/Drive/Dollhouse). Dude wrote “Out of Gas”, which is probably my favourite non-Whedon Whedon-show script. I AM A FAN OF HIS WORK. Like, I keep a copy of the screenplay in my room so I can read it when I want to feel bad about myself.


Vampire Diaries continues to be the gooey caramel centre of my heart. As this review points out:

“If this keeps up, by episode five, she’ll have killed everyone on the show, erased the background scenery like she’s in Duck Amuck, devoured reality itself, and found herself stranded alone in a white wasteland, shirt ripped in half, bloody sword clutched in hand, accompanied only by Boone from Lost, who will be standing over in a corner kickboxing the sky (or whatever weird performance tic he’s picked up that week), and this will have become THE GREATEST SHOW ON TELEVISION.”



Paranormalcy! I’ve been reading Kiersten White’s blog for a long time now, so I had high hopes for her first novel. I’m only halfway through it (it’s not out here yet, so I’m listening to the audiobook) but it’s… well, to appropriate an awful cliché, it’s everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s funny, smart and slick; the first post-Buffy post-Buffy-book that’s really hit the mark for me. The dialogue is snappy and hilarious without feeling forced, and the prose is tight and it moves. Kiersten gets that the best comedy is tragic and vice versa. Evie is a force of personality, and her world is so well-crafted I feel like I’ve been there. Like Evie and I hang out, sometimes. Which, maybe we do. YOU DON’T KNOW.

On Sunday I took the longest possible route into the city because I didn’t want to stop listening to it — so, basically, Kiersten White is also now partially responsible for my carbon footprint. Works for me!


Yesterday, after three days of obsessing, I went and bought a big hunk of caramel slice from my coffee place. It cost me $3, and I took one bite out of it and then threw it out. This strikes me as possibly the most extravagantly privileged thing I could ever do, and I would feel bad about that if it hadn’t been AWESOME.

Of course, I then went out after work, drank three glasses of wine in rapid succession, and — once a two-year-old got done shoving all his stickers (aka “tickies”) in my mouth while giggling maniacally — I made some headway on a bag of Party Mix too. Healthy September, everyone!


SUMMER IS COMING! I can feel it! Already there are whole hours in which it does not rain! Any month now there will probably be days. And at some point, with enough rotations of the earth, I WILL FINISH THIS FIRST DRAFT. And then I will never have to write the first draft of this book again! Ever!

This is very exciting.

First drafting is the devil’s work. Creating something out of nothing is crazy alchemy to me. Turning blank pages into story is hard. And sweaty. And it kinda hurts my tummy.

But editing those pages? Making something better? That’s where the magic is. (Until I get there, anyway, and then I will probably long for the salad days of the empty screen. Such is my curse.)

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  1. I have done the exact same thing with a caramel slice this week 😐 it was free and I felt so gluttonous eating it and then after that first bite i thought… I don't really want to eat this anymore.


  2. Single-bite snacking should take off as a commercial thing. I always want like HALF a snack bag of chips or a THIRD of a chocolate bar. Although then I'd eat those things because they'd be available…


  3. hahaha summer is coming for you, but it's leaving for usssss. but i don't mind because all my clothes are suitable for layering? i have nothing to WEAR when it's warm lmfao.

    that paranormalcy looks intriguing. i love audio books. might ch-ch-check it out. i have a 35 minute commute to entertain myself with now.


  4. Audiobooks are my faaaavourite! They're good for me because when I'm really enjoying a book I skim so fast to find out what happens that I don't really take it in. Audiobooks are like savouring dessert, but I don't have to actively have any will power. WIN!


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