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Here’s something I prepared earlier…


I have a problem: I can’t fill up my day.

Seriously, you guys, my time management has turned to custard. For the last 10 months, I’ve been planning, outlining, researching, free-writing… I’ve got 72,000 words of background information (I counted. I was bored) and a clutch of scrawl-filled notebooks — I’m used to getting up, doing whatever has to be done to keep me alive and semi-presentable, heading to the gym, and being settled in at my café by lunch, where I play in my imaginary world until it’s time to go out. I do a solid four or five hours every Saturday and Sunday.

But now I’m writing, and I burn out after two.

I know my limits — I can do a thousand words in a stretch, and then my mind goes into standby. If I push it, I can sometimes squeeze out more, but it’s usually not much, and it’s always bad. So I write a thousand words a day… which doesn’t take that long.

This should be good. I know this should be good. But it turns out that there’s all these hours in days, and I don’t have anything to put in them. I’ve had three coffees. I’ve tried on every pair of ridiculous heels in the city. I’ve fed and watered and exercised myself. I wrote my shopping list and adjusted my budget and called my parents. I washed my hair, even though my hair didn’t need washing

I’ve officially killed all the time I feel capable of killing, and I’ve still got an hour until Sunday drinks kick off.

So I’m early. And I’m drinking. Alone. While blogging, longhand, IN A BAR.

I’m also hogging a four-person outdoor table to myself. Suck it, other patrons.

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Writer of things. Annoyer of cats. Mother of very small dragons.

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  1. WAY harder to write the damn book than write ABOUT it. I miss the writing about part. I could do that for hours.


  2. Wait, what? You are complaining about having too much spare time?

    I mean, I get it, cos a) unfilled hours fill us both with fear and anxiety and b) it means that you are in the extra difficult writing space, but still. Don't be complaining about having a spare hour to sit and ming about with a beverage and relax, or I'll cut you.

    Either that or I'll steal some of those hours from you, cos boy, I could sure use them right now! 🙂


  3. HAHAH SORRY, I am being SUPER insensitive! But it's actually mostly cos Beas woke me up at like 7.30 yesterday, and I had all this extra MORNING, too.



  4. Haha oh yeh, he's good like that. And if he fails to wake you, the neighbours kids do a pretty good job.

    Also, I shouldn't complain, and I know what you mean – I had a whole HEAP of morning down in Hanmer, cos apparently being on holiday means that my body MUST wake up at 8am. WHAT?

    But YAY for extra time for you! And for drinking! And for writing 1000 words a day!


  5. Hehe except today, when I wrote 49. And then deleted them and stared at the internet instead. But yay for other days!

    I always wake up earlier on holiday. I don't even get it — beyond that my body hates me, obv.


  6. LMFAO i love this kellbess person for the I'LL CUT YOU comment. brilliant!

    but yes katie right now i'd cut you too. i have so little time that my leg hair hasn't been tended for a month. eeewww.

    I NEED TO REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL OMG. that's more important than waxing my legs. maybe i'll email you when i'm getting my legs waxed? you can catch me in that brief euphoric moment i like to call HELL.


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