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I lied about what we’d be doing today, internet.

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I’m sorry, you guys, I have not written any SERIOUS TOPICS for you. Work is still kicking my ass. It all strikes me as VERY UNFAIR.

So you don’t get too sad, I thought we could have some pictures instead. You like pictures, right?

What I’ve been doing while I haven’t been here

Kelly organised a ball. We dressed up fancy:

The ladies and I paid a visit to Blenheim, home of many vineyards:

This isn’t a vineyard. This is on the ferry. It’s nine in the morning.

We ate delicious food.

And we drank a lot of wine.
Our waitress tried to leave halfway through our drinks order.
We weren’t done yet, lady.

We had a kinda-sorta Thanksgiving, Kiwi-style:

I made a lot of pie.

Kelly made the table all beautiful.

 Everyone made delicious food.

And then we ate it.

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