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I think this line’s mostly filler.


Oh, hey, internet! I didn’t see you there.

I have a new job where I finally write for a living, and it’s kicking my ass a little. Not that I’m too good for you now or anything, but I am QUITE busy and important these days (I have nine meetings today. NINE! Don’t these people know that Facebook won’t stalk itself?). I’ve had to readjust my lifestyle that now that I’m required to WORK at work, but rest assured that I haven’t forgotten you, dear internet. I’ve been here, working through the big questions (when do I play Words with Friends? Now that I tweet professionally, should I be paying more attention to my personal content? Or at least to my use of the word ‘motherfucker’? Why does thinking make me so HUNGRY?), and our regular programme of capslock and whinging should resume shortly. I have so many THINGS I wish to tell you!

I mean, good lord, I haven’t posted a single kitten picture here. Unacceptable. UNFORGIVABLE. You all follow me on Twitter, right? You can keep up with my cat’s diet (all things, especially MY things), interests (jumping on my head, clawing at my face) and habits (food stealing, head jumping, tail chasing) thrice daily over there. I KNOW YOU GUYS LIKE TO STAY INFORMED. His latest thing is to chase his tail while reclining in the bath, because the slope and the slippery bath surface make him slide around in circles. Then he likes to jump on my head and gnaw at my Kindle. It’s SUPER CUTE.

Lucas Alfredo Sawyer “BAD CAT” Johnston, esq.
Shortly after this he leapt at my face, drawing blood in several places.

I love him.


So, back in December Jef and I crossed something off both of our to-do lists. And then we entered a silent battle of wills over who’d do the hard yards and blog about it first, which is why you haven’t heard about it yet.


Check back soon (so that I will be forced to actually write it) for Katie and Jeffrey Pack Heat: A Tale.


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Writer of things. Annoyer of cats. Mother of very small dragons.

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  1. guns? blogs? where are they? maybe you should rename this blog to “what katie didn't do!” although then you could call me kettle or pot or whatever that expression is

    and F.Y.I. if you google “what katie did” the first result is a store where you can buy “bullet bras” whatever they are


  2. Oh wow, sexy underthings. Look at that! I'm comfortable with that association.

    Sigh. It's half-written. It's on my to-do list for lunchtime. Leave me alone. YOU DO IT, DAMN YOU! You have the visual aids – so far my blog says 'one of the guns was big, and one was bigger, and both of them went bang'. It's going to wildly disappoint all 15 people likely to read it.


  3. I actually wrote most of it on the weekend but have no published it yet. I'm going to publish a blog about the book I'm in first


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