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#101. Wow.

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As advertised, Jeffrey’s account of our shooting adventure. Although cold and devoid of FEELINGS, it’s still pretty funny. You know. It’s OKAY, I GUESS.


I have a nemesis at work. This morning he/she/it came to see me about some web content I’m writing for him/her/it.

Nemesis: Thanks for re-writing the copy I gave you, even if your information was basically the same as mine!

Oh, little nemesis. That would be my JOB. You supply the facts, and I make them coherent English. If I’ve changed your information, I’m doing it wrong.

[Note: by thanks, Nemesis did not mean thanks. It’s fun having a nemesis!]


From: Katie Johnston
To: Will Johnston
Subject: Fwd: Reservation Details for Booking Ref. 8673674

Here’s my bus details for tomorrow. Chur bro.

Sent from my iPhone.

From: Will Johnston
To: Katie Johnston

how r u getting from airport to sky city????? Meow.

Sent from my shithouse work computer.

From: Katie Johnston
To: Will Johnston

I’m on my way to auck now.

Sent from I’m so much better than you right now

From: Will Johnston
To: Katie Johnston

Go fuck yourself.

Sent from your face.


I should write something about the earthquake, but I don’t have any words. I wrote about the last quake and about how lucky we got. This time, the scale of the devastation isn’t even comprehensible. I wouldn’t know how to say anything that meant anything.

So I’ll say nothing: in 6 minutes, it will have been one week since the quake. In 6 minutes, the people who work in my building are gathering in our conference room to join the rest of the country in two minutes silence. Websites are going down. Call centres are closing. Stuff says there’s 5000 people gathered on the lawn at parliament.

154 people have been confirmed dead so far, and the worst injury in my family was a broken toe. My mother was in Christchurch at the time, and had intended to take my nana into the city that day. Emily was meant to be doing a pitch in Christchurch.

We got so lucky, but so many people didn’t. I know people who know people who lost their lives or haven’t been found. I know someone whose brother had three people die in his arms. It’s unbelievable that this happened here, in my country, to people I love. I can’t get my head around it. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in Christchurch right now.

Time to be quiet. I hope you will be too.

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