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I just took a look at my plummeting stats. WAIT, INTERNET! COME BACK! I’m not neglecting you – I’m just working on the longest, most uncomfortably personal post in the history of long, uncomfortably personal posts. It’s coming SOMEDAY. As soon as I get it under, oh, 2,000 words.

Somehow, I don’t think this is helping.


I’ve realised that I’m a terrible Wellingtonian. Every time one of my imported friends mentions some sight or activity or tourist Mecca in our fair city, I stare at them so blankly they have to check my pulse.

Wellington is a kick-ass city – but this is something I’ve only recently realised. I grew up here! In my youth you went OTHER PLACES to have fun. In my youth, the coffee scene and the foodie delights and the pretty harbour and the cultural cross-section had no particular relevance to me. Relevant to my childhood interests: lack of amusement park. Rain. No tigers.

I had to move to Vancouver to develop any fondness for Wellington. And, to be honest, I only moved back here because my friends and family weren’t willing to move somewhere warmer. Wellington has grown on me slowly, like a rash. A GOOD rash. A tasty, nicely-sized rash full of smart, slightly weird people doing smart, slightly weird things.

These days, I’m so in love with this city that sometimes I want to grab hold of it and squeeze. Just hug that shit out.

I haven’t done NOTHING here. I’ve been to the ZOO. I think you’ll find I’ve frequented a pretty significant percentage of the bars, and I’ve been to nine of the ten best restaurants as voted by some random guy on the internet. And, of course, I’ve been to Te Papa, although mostly to visit the squid. (I love that squid.)

The other day I asked Twitter to tell me what I’ve been missing. Turns out, the answer is A LOT. I’ve never:

  • been to Somes Island or Kapiti Island
  • visited Makara
  • walked up Mt Kaukau
  • kayaked on the harbour
  • been to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
  • been to the City & Sea Museum
  • visited Red Rocks
  • been to the Weta Cave.

Let’s change that. Anything else to go on the list? Any volunteers to do stuff with me? I’m going to smash the BACK out of Wellington. And, with any luck, I’ll blog about it too.

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  1. YAY someone else that loves Wellington as much as I do! It's the best. Let's never leave.

    So, my comments re your list:

    been to Somes Island (tick) or Kapiti Island (keen)
    visited Makara (tick, but only when I was young, so count me in)
    walked up Mt Kaukau (tick, a billion, million times as a child, to the point I HATED it with a passion. Have revisited it, and now I love it. Apparently you can walk up it and then along to the ridge to my house. Shall we do that?)
    kayaked on the harbour (Keen, on my list in fact!)
    been to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (tick, LOVE)
    been to the City & Sea Museum (tick, but I was working so keen to go back)
    visited Red Rocks (keen)
    been to the Weta Cave (keen)

    YAY adventures!


  2. I just have to post another comment, cos it KILLS me that your blog says “1 comments”.
    I know, this makes me a crazy person, but it's ok, I'm happy in that knowledge.


  3. uncomfortable silence. the only attraction i ever went to when living in wellington was the zoo. but that counts right? I too never did any of those things on your list


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