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2011: The Greatest Hits


A year ago today, I was at work alone. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I snuck out now, at three, and met Jef. We walked up to Vicky and Neil’s old house in Mt Vic for a barbeque. It was the first time I’d really been anywhere in Mt Vic other than Keith’s house, the first time I realised how sunny it was there in the evening. I’d just moved into town and the intersection on Elizabeth and Brougham confused me. I think it was also the first time I went to Moore Wilson’s.

Life is weird.

This year, I’m at work alone again – but I’m at my dream job. In the year in between, I’ve moved to Mt Vic… twice. I got my cat, learned to ski, forded a river, fought a bee, attempted dating, gained a whole heap of friends… and lost more than a few, too. I also wrote about 40,000 words, none of which I’m keeping. 2011 has been huge.


The greatest hits – JANUARY 


2011 started at Emily’s sister’s place in the South Island. It’s way, way out in the country. On New Year’s Eve we ate stew made from a hare Olmec had shot and vegetables from the sprawling organic garden, and the cat chewed on the hare’s back legs on the lawn. We swam in the watering hole and looked at the stars and picked fruit from the trees.

I also:

  • Saw The National 
  • Drank an entire bottle of Sauv (I KNOW.)
  • Drove around Northland 
  • Started a new job 
  • Threw myself in the ocean at Oriental Bay on a weekday. 


  •  I went to my first Webstock 
  • Christchurch fell down.


  • Ate at Logan Brown
  • Gave a speech at Bec’s engagement party


  • Dyed eggs and hunted them in the garden
  • Fell in a chasm
  • Went to a roller derby
  • Made a blanket fort in a hotel room
  • Saw Jimmy Eat World.



  • Won the meat raffle for the second of four times this year
  • Flooded my flat
  • Ate a double-down
  • Went to the ballet… and didn’t really get it.



The day before I moved (yes, again), I helped Jef take his old mattress to the tip. It was bucketing with rain and took us twenty minutes just to figure out how to connect the rented trailer to the car.

Mattress and base finally loaded into the cage, we pulled into the Kent Terrace traffic. The rain hammered down, gusting sideways across the road.

“Um,” Jef said, as we pulled away from a light. “Did the mattress just blow out of the trailer?”

“Sure,” I said, without looking. “Whatever. I’m not falling for that.”

“It’s seriously fucking gone!”

I looked. It was Seriously Fucking Gone.

We lost a queen-sized mattress out the back of a trailer in the middle of a busy city street. That happened.

And then we pulled a U-turn, slung into a parallel park with a trailer containing half a bed poking out into the lane, and sprinted back towards the lights. The mattress had been sitting on a wet road in the pouring rain for ten minutes, and weighed ten times what it had dry. We hefted it up as cars wove around us, and attempted to run down a busy city street carrying a soaked queen mattress.

That happened too.



  • Watched people beat each other up for sport
  • Moved AGAIN.



  • Went to my first rugby game
  • Drove the KB car to Napier
  • Attempted to watch all the classic movies I’ve never seen, and then review them in three words.



  • Went ice skating
  • Saw a Shetland pony being born on the side of the road
  • Held a baby kiwi
  • Climbed on a glacier
  • Toured the South Island – and visited ALL the wineries.



  • Went to Tonga for an island holiday
  • Jumped off the plank on the waterfront on my birthday 
  • Had a proper thanksgiving.


  • Went to Red Rocks
  • Went to a 21st (okay, that’s not a first… but it’s the first in a long freaking while!)
  • Went indoor rock climbing
  • Had Christmas in Nelson.



Jan 07, 2011:

I want to be more confident. Less drunk. Care less. Care more.  Romantic watercolour worlds dazzle my imagination daily, and I’m never quite sure what’s me and what’s a fuzzy idealistic painting in my head. I don’t want your life, but sometimes I feel like a moth batting at the window because the light looks so warm. I’m still not quite sure what my life is going to be. I’m still in progress. Please hold.

December 30, 2011:

New places visited:

  • Abel Tasman
  • Nelson Lakes
  • Tonga
  • Kerikeri
  • Red Rocks
  • Otago
  • West Coast

New things done:

  • Skiing
  • Rock climbing
  • Ice climbing
  • Snorkelling with tropical fish
  • Jumping off the plank on the waterfront
  • Ice skating
  • Holding a kiwi
  • Attending a ballet
  • Attending a roller derby
  • Making a blanket fort
  • Watching people fight
  • Dyeing Easter eggs (and hunting for them)
  • Going to a rugby game
  • Watching rugby for FUN
  • Baking cheesecake (unsuccessfully) and pavlova (very successfully)


  • Life is SO AWESOME
  • I could still do with being less drunk.


(Some photos by Emily, Jef, Michelle and Brock.)