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Hey, you guys! I almost didn’t see you there. You look GREAT today! No, really – I love your hair. Is that new?

I am a terrible blogger. I should be flogged. I keep MEANING to do something about this, but everything’s been so EXCITING! I toured the South Island, and then I went to Tonga, and I had a birthday, and there was ice skating and adventuring and quite a bit of drinking, and, and…

Argh. Maybe we’ll do some pictures sometime. Would you like that?

For now, here’s Michelle’s blog on our Thanksgiving feast last weekend. And here’s what happened on my birthday:

So far being 29 is pretty cool. I woke up with a sore neck and last night my hip went as I reached for something on the floor, but I’ve yet to find a grey hair and I leapt into the harbour on a work day. So.

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