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100×11: Get through

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It’s been one of those weeks. Sixtyproof got a new client (woo!) that came with an urgent weekend job (decidedly less woo). I had meetings and appointments all over town. My social life melted into a gelatinous slurry of cancelled plans and unanswered calls.

The good thing about this project is it’s forcing me to just get stuff out there — whatever I’ve done, in whatever form it’s in. The bad thing is that this week, I’ve done basically nothing. Everything I’ve written has been for someone else, except for one little thing that isn’t anything yet… but might be soon, so I’m keeping it to myself until it is.


photo 2 (3)



I’m @PeopleofNZ this week, to add to the chaos. Today I asked the general population to write me Twitter-length horror stories. It was… kind of awesome.



Plus two favourites that didn’t meet the brief…




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